Turn Conversations Into Clients with Wendy Hicken

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

10:00 am

Fumbling your words and figuring out the next step on the fly is a confidence killer. No need to hide, we’ve all been there at some point or another. In this Turn Conversations Into Clients presentation, we’re going to help you shine! You'll receive a blueprint for 3 key elements when talking to prospective clients. Here’s a look at what you’ll walk away with:

💥 Mastering Your Mindset :: the truths that guide you

💥 The Sales Process :: the evaluation activity that occurs during each step of the process

💥 Client Conversation Roadmap :: the dialogue that gets people feeling secure that you’ll get them to their promise land



Turn Conversations Into Clients with Wendy Hicken
Wendy Hicken

Wendy is the architect behind Interior Design Master Class.

She has a deep belief that when we live more out of intention, we stay in the driver’s seat of our life - and with that, she helps interior designers nail down what they want, so they can cultivate a business that’s meaningful to them.

Today a large part of how she does this is through marketing services & solutions for interior designers.

Debra Scarpa
Debra Scarpa

Debra is an award winning designer and owner of Home Designer Marketing with over 30 years in the marketing industry. Home Designer Marketing helps home design professionals transform their businesses and brands to attract their dream clients, sell their projects for more, stay current online, and get their time back with automated systems.

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Turn Conversations Into Clients with Wendy Hicken