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As a professional in the home design industry, you don't have the time or skills to keep up with your own marketing. Referrals aren't always a consistent or reliable source—but you know your work sells. That's where we come in.

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Marketing Packages for Home Designers

We serve professionals such as interior designers, landscape designers, home builders, painters, pool designers and more who value design, just like us. We know you take pride in your work; we take pride in ours, too. But these days, you've got to do more than just look good. You need a marketing team that generates consistent, high-quality leads without wasting your time. Our proven process showcases your work and puts it in front of those who are looking without requiring any digital marketing skills from you. It's time to stop relying on referrals and start growing your business.


Social Media

Phase 1
Create ongoing social media marketing strategy to identify which online profiles to utilize, messaging, and posting schedules. Profiles may include: Houzz, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter, Linkedin, and Yelp.

Phase 2
- Create and optimize profiles
- Post regularly with optimized photos
- Update profiles as needed

*optional custom website at additional cost


Social Media + Paid Ads

Phase 1
Everything from Package 1 plus an online ad marketing strategy where we'll identify which ad platform(s) are best for your business as well as messaging to boost visibility and increase leads. We'll also create and implement an email and text marketing strategy to turn more leads into appointments. Online ad platforms may include: Google, Facebook, or Instagram.

Phase 2
- Everything from Package 1
- Paid ad campaign setup
- Paid ad ongoing optimization
- Still image video creation (4/year)
- Email & Text Message Marketing

*optional custom website at additional cost


Social Media + Paid Ads + SEO

Phase 1
Everything from Package 2 plus an ongoing SEO and blogging strategy to help you become an authority in your space by ranking higher in Google organic and map listings.

Phase 2
- Everything from Package 2
- SEO research
- Ongoing SEO website optimizations
- Blog posts for SEO (1/month)

*optional custom website at additional cost

What We Offer

Marketing Services

Marketing Strategy

We'll dig into your story to craft unique messaging that connects with your customers, identifies where to get in front of your prospects, the tools we'll use, and sets milestones for effective ongoing marketing that generates leads.

Logos & Branding

Your logo and branding should be professional and represent your unique style, but not overpower your work. Our branding process involves you so the result is a logo and message that builds trust and entices leads to contact you.

Custom Websites

Your work is unique—how it's showcased should be unique, too. When building your custom website, our focus will be to create a unique online experience that showcases your work, builds trust, and sets a solid foundation to convert leads.

Online Ads

Boost your online visibility and increase your lead flow consistency with targeted online ads on Google, Facebook, or Instagram that showcase your work and services. We'll also optimize your ads on an ongoing basis to keep them fresh.

SEO & Blogging

To rank high in Google, your website needs to be properly optimized and updated on an ongoing basis. Our ongoing SEO and blogging services aim to keep your website at the top of search engines and your business top of mind.

Email & Text Marketing

Take the manual work out of getting leads to book appointments with automated scheduling. Our system automatically follows up with leads quickly, requests reviews from clients, and consistently nurtures your list so you don't have to.

Video Marketing

Video is one of the best ways to showcase your work, especially before and afters. By creating simple, professional still image videos or on-site videos, we're able to increase interest in your work on your website and across social media.

Social Media

Stay top of mind with consistent, relevant posts that highlight your work to get it the visibility it deserves. Our social services include optimizing Houzz, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter, Linkedin, and Yelp.


Our Client's Results

“I received great advice and they designed my whole business package from my cards, logo, and website so they all coordinate and look professional. After they did my first website several years back, many people commented how they really liked it , and I received many leads. When I approached them for an update, they knew exactly what to do! I'm really proud of it!”
Jennifer Fagalde
  —  FaGalde Design

Uncover Your Potential

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Who We Are

Meet Our Executive Team

Hi! We're Debra (right) and Ashley (left). We created Home Designer Marketing with the intent to help professionals like yourself showcase their work online and actually get results from their marketing. Between us, we have over 40 years of award-winning design and marketing experience and love working with people who value design just as much as we do.

We have one goal for you: generate more high-quality leads by creating beautiful, consistent, customer experiences both on and offline.

This singular focus allows us to hone in, dig deep, and get results.

In return, you not only get more leads, but you benefit from more time, more money, less stress, and best of all, business growth.

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