Showing Off Your Business’ Superpower

Showing Off Your Business’ Superpower

When it comes to business success, showing off your business’ superpower is extremely important. This concept is all the more critical when it comes to an interior design or landscape design business. 

While you may have top-notch services, you have to have a strong marketing plan in place to get the word out. 

Selling yourself can be a little uncomfortable for many people, but at Home Designer Marketing, we get designers, and we understand your business needs. Our workshops effectively translate proven concepts behind a successful interior design business plan and landscape design business plan. 

Why Your Business’ Superpower is Important

Many small business owners gain a lot of clientele through in-person meetings and face-to-face interactions. This is particularly true of interior and landscape designers because you can talk more about your ideas for a specific location, client, or concept. Your personality can shine through in these moments.

However, without adequately demonstrating your superpower ahead of these meetings, you’re missing out on potential opportunities. 

When you showcase your superpower in your advertising and marketing, potential clients can see what sets you apart from the competition and why you’re unique. It’s crucial to communicate your specialties and strengths upfront so customers can quickly get to know who you are, what you have to offer, and why your business is the right fit for them. 

The best way to organize business success is to identify your strengths and use them properly. For instance, if your advantage is in the creative areas, you might consider outsourcing for the financial sectors. 

Knowing the superpowers and strengths of individuals within your business is also vital. If you stick a creative mind behind a desk to crunch numbers all day, you’re not using those abilities to serve your business best. 

Business success comes with identifying these superpowers and then using them strategically throughout your operations to achieve the best possible results. 

Identifying Your Superpower

We put a lot of emphasis on the idea of showing off your business’ superpower. However, the problem is - many business owners don’t know what their superpower is. So how do we identify it and tap into that one thing that makes you stand out? 

The best way to identify your superpower is to focus on what you love, as well as what you’re good at. These two components will demonstrate your superpower and show what you need to hone in on towards business success.

We really drive this point home by physically writing it down and asking ourselves what we are good at. Creating a simple list can be extremely helpful here. 

Think about the various umbrellas of your business, such as Operations, Sales, Marketing, and Finances. Look at each of these areas and first decide which you love and which you dislike. Then, identify which you’re good at, which you’re okay at, and which you are not good at. 

Ideally, your superpower should fall under something you’re good at as well as something you love. This is where you make essential decisions for your business. 

Learning to Delegate

For certain personality types, learning to delegate can be quite a difficult task. Some people like to be personally responsible for all the essential details of their business, while others are okay with trusting someone else to get the job done. 

What many people don’t know is that delegating becomes so much easier once you’ve learned to identify and take advantage of superpowers.

Let’s think back to what you wrote down on your list. There are certainly areas where you wrote dislike/not good at. So, who is good in this area, and who in your company loves this kind of work? 

When you know your partner’s, associate’s, and employee’s superpowers, you can strategize to delegate tasks and responsibilities in a way that will bolster your marketing and showcase the best of the best in your business. 

Learning the superpowers of others is also a fantastic way to identify areas of weakness in your business. Maybe no one in your company has a particular strength that you need to fill. That’s when you know it’s time to outsource to someone else who does have the expertise you need.

Likewise, you might use a particular missing strength in your hiring process to find dedicated employees who make up for what you lack. 

Showing Off Your Superpower

Learning your superpower and the superpowers of those involved in your business is a beautiful thing, but it’s only as helpful as you allow it to be. It’s not enough to just know your superpower - you have to use it and show it off to the world. 

Use your online platforms to showcase why you’re successful, what you’re good at, and why customers love to work with you. It’s your job to earn the customers, so implement your superpower to draw them in and convince them to use your services over another company. 

When a customer visits your website looking for an interior design plan or a landscape design plan, they should be able to answer the following questions:

  • Why do customers love working with you?
  • What makes your company an authority in the marketplace?
  • Why should someone buy from you instead of your competition?
  • What are you really good at? 

Take time to establish your workflow, put all of your moving pieces in place, and gather the necessary professional skills you’re looking for in your team to communicate these things effectively. 

Marketing for Home Designers

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