Improve Your Design Business's Marketing & Sales Materials

Improve Your Design Business's Marketing & Sales Materials

As someone in the home design industry, you have a lot on your plate already. If you're tired of waiting for referrals to build your business, but don't know where to start with marketing, we're here to help. 

We are designers just like you, and we understand how to help grow your business with marketing and sales materials that reflect the kind of fantastic work you do.

What Marketing Materials Do You Need? 

Marketing for interior designers is much like marketing for any other service-based business, except that your marketing materials need to reflect the innovative and beautiful designs that you create in your client’s home. We'll focus more on creating those reflections later on, but for now, let's take a look at the types of marketing and sales materials you should have on hand.


No matter if someone finds you online, on social media, or by word of mouth, they are going to validate your company by viewing your website. Keep in mind that people’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter.

Your company’s website only has a few seconds to build trust, convince your prospect that you are going to help solve their problem, and get them to take that next step. Right now, it’s more important than ever that your website is helping you generate new business.

Lead Magnets

Marketing for interior designers can be tough because potential clients may hesitate to sign on with you at first. If you can give them something of value to work with, like a checklist, template, or educational webinar, you're likely to build trust that can convert a potential customer into a real client.

Email Signature

You might not think of email signature as an interior design marketing material, but it can be if utilized correctly. When you're marketing interior design services, you want to use your email signature to get potential clients to your website or your online calendar to book a consultation.

Online Calendar

Utilizing an online calendar allows you to block out time in your day for the things you need to accomplish while giving clients and potential clients access to you when it's convenient to them.

Sales Slide Deck

If potential clients aren’t sure of your processes or the quality of your work, then you may run into objections while selling interior design services. Creating a sales slide deck allows you to build a trustworthy connection with prospective clients by identifying their problems, discussing the benefits of your solution, creating a call-to-action, and showing them your previous results. 


Quick and creative proposals that reflect your work are an essential form of selling your interior design services. You'll need your proposals to look the part by utilizing high-quality materials like high-resolution photos and graphics. 

Proposal software is easy to find and use, and it will save you time versus creating each proposal individually. Utilizing proposal software can also help you to ensure your proposals always look professional and up-to-date, while creating your own may regularly require more of your attention.

How to Improve Your Materials

Now that you know what types of materials you'll need and why, let's talk about how you can improve the materials you already have. We've created a handy worksheet to help you update your marketing materials appropriately, and we're always here to help with both marketing packages and individual services for home design professionals.

Let's focus on some interior design marketing ideas that will be simple for you to integrate into your marketing plan.

Website Upgrades

As far as interior designer marketing ideas go, upgrading your website is at the top of our list. Website updates might sound time-consuming or tedious, but they offer massive bang for your buck. 

Your website should be a reflection of your design style and your quality of work. A simple website that looks like it came from a basic template isn't going to cut it. You need to personalize your website to meet your high design standards and draw in clients. 

Using high-quality images and graphics, creating an easy-to-navigate site, and focusing on your clients rather than yourself will help create the kind of conversions you're looking for online. Utilize social proof through reviews and high-quality photos of previous projects as well.

Your website should help you build the trust of your clients and prospects, so make sure you include links to your sponsors, associations, awards, and previous client success stories.

Improving Lead Magnets

Potential clients typically need to hear or see your name seven times before they will buy from you, so engaging with people who aren't ready to buy is essential to moving them through your marketing funnel. 

Growing your email list is a great way to ensure you stay at the top of the minds of your prospects. One way to do this quickly and efficiently is to offer a small, but immediate win to individuals who join your list. That win can include a percentage off service, a free-consultation, or extras like a checklist , worksheet, or access to an interesting webinar. 

You're looking to add value to your potential clients' lives through your lead magnets, which will help grow your business by building trust.

Create or Improve Your Online Calendar

There are plenty of apps out there that allow you to create an online calendar and integrate it with your website and emails. Once you've chosen the best calendar for your needs, you'll want to ensure that you block out times each day when you'll be available for clients. Try to choose the same availability week after week to appear consistent and stable. 

Ensure that your potential clients can schedule a time through your calendar and get a confirmation as well as day before and day of reminders. That way, you have a built-in confirmation system for all clients and you lower your risk for no-shows. 

Final Thoughts

Marketing for interior designers can seem daunting when you don't know where to start. We hope you've gained some insight on what types of materials are vital to your success through our tips and tricks. 

Remember, you're not alone; we have packages and plans that can help to increase your success. We also host workshops to improve your marketing knowledge so you can make the best educated decisions for your business.

Solving your client's problems is your number one priority. Remember to focus on them, give them lead magnets that add value, and provide them with easy ways to get on your calendar for a consultation. You'll start to see an increase in business before you know it! 

Get started by downloading our worksheet: Marketing Materials Checklist or click here to sign up for our workshops.

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