How to Create Messaging That Resonates With Your Target Market

How to Create Messaging That Resonates With Your Target Market

Is your website and marketing content too generic? Are you attracting the wrong type of clients?

A disconnect in these areas can cause confusion in not only your prospects, but also your team too. It’s as important to be specific as it is to have clarity. When you’re marketing to everyone, you’re selling to no one. Let that sink in...When you’re marketing to everyone, you’re selling to no one.

Understanding the wants and needs of your ideal clients is key to having a strong messaging strategy. This is where your business could use the help of a persona...a powerful tool to create content for your website and to generate potential leads for your business. 

What Is a Persona? 

A persona is a fictional character designed to represent the audience or group you want to work with who share common characteristics of your ideal clients.

Personas are not stereotypes, nor are they meant to generalize the type of customer you wish you had. Rather, personas are fleshed out archetypes based on research.

If you’re dedicated to growing your business, having defined personas will help generate more leads and convert more clients.

What Can Personas Help You Do?

Personas help do the following for your interior design marketing: 

  • Boost the strength of messaging so that it resonates more with your ideal client’s profile
  • Create more of the right type of leads through better targeting
  • Convert more viewers by connecting better with your audience members
  • Improve the services your business sells to customers

For example, let’s say you’re interested in selling to people who own luxury penthouse apartments in Manhattan. You could interview three to five people in that category to learn more about them. You would learn what their motivations, challenges and fears are, and the types of products they would be interested in buying from you. 

Since you’re targeting specific types of people, personas can help you craft more targeted messaging. Rather than trying to market to everyone, you can produce higher-quality messaging that resonates with crucial audience members.  

How Do You Create a Persona?  

Research, research, research. And you typically want a mix of traditional segmentation and persona-based marketing.

Traditional Segmentation Marketing

This is what we could consider demographic markers like age, gender, where someone lives, how much money they make, etc. This data is useful for understanding the general types of people who view your content, but traditional segmentation marketing alone won’t help you narrow down how to focus your interior design social media content. 

Even top companies don’t focus solely on general demographic data. Todd Yellin, the Vice President of Product at Netflix, once said, “Geography, age, and gender? We throw that in the garbage heap,” because it’s harder to find common taste based on these stats alone. 

That’s where persona-based marketing comes in... 

Persona-Based Marketing

This is where your research gets down to the nitty-gritty and specifics of who is someone you’d love working with. Don’t assume you know what they are thinking. You have to conduct the research by actually having conversations with your prospects.

Some examples of persona-based questions and research could include: 

  • What product or service would they purchase from you?
  • What social media platforms are they on?
  • Where do they shop, and what type of styles do they like?
  • Do they like to cook, garden, or entertain?
  • What magazines do they like to read?
  • What type of vacations do they take?
  • What words and phrases are they using?
  • What questions are they asking online?

If your messaging is not communicating how you can help your potential customer or client, they will go to someone else who is. Using persona-based marketing not only could improve how to generate leads for your business, but it could also put your team on the same page of who you’re targeting with your content writing.  

How to Improve Your Messaging With Personas

Use data you collect from your research to develop messaging that gives a positive gut feeling and makes your prospects feel like they’re in the right place. 

Ways to utilize this data: 

  • Create website content that speaks to them
  • Share testimonials from clients who fit that persona profile
  • Write blog posts that specifically cater to questions they’re asking
  • Create Google ads using keywords your real-life personas use online
  • Run social media ads to target their interests and pages they’ve liked
  • Use hashtags in your organic social media posts to boost organic engagement 
  • Build relationships with people who are also selling to your audience 

With everything digital and online today, your messaging must stand out. 

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