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Help your members with Free Workshops and Webinars led by Debra to:
  • Learn how to market their business during COVID-19
  • Get started on social media
  • How to create new services
  • Create engaging content
  • Group consulting
  • Worksheets to help them take action
  • Tips for running a lean profitable business
  • ...and so much more
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Improve Your Business With Competitive Research
  • It's easy to get stuck on what improvements you should make to your business. There are your services, messaging, marketing, products, website, branding, process, and so much more. One of the best way to gather ideas is to do competitive research. Are they doing something that you aren't? Are they offering something similar that you could improve on your end to stand out? Asking yourself these questions will help you brainstorm your own ideas without getting stuck in a rut. In this workshop, Debra will lead you through a worksheet on what to look for and how to use that information to improve your business.
The Power of a Visionary & Integrator Relationship
  • Are you constantly bursting with new ideas but struggle to choose a clear path or stay focused? As a home design business owner, you're probably a Visionary. You wake up with 20 new ideas, meanwhile, you've already got a million other things on your plate so it's near impossible to implement anything new. Why is this? To put it simply, it's just how you're wired. What you need is someone entirely opposite of you on your team - remember, opposites attract! This person is called an Integrator. Visionaries and Integrators are wired completely different and have strengths that complement one another. Visionaries are the "what and why" and Integrators are the "how." This leads to different responsibilities and accountabilities across your business and thus, getting more done!! If you'd like to learn more about the Visionary Integrator relationship and if it will benefit your business, join us for our next workshop for tips on finding an Integrator, first hand experience sharing, and how to set up an accountability chart for clarity across your entire business.
Identifying Personas & Their Needs
  • One of the most important things you can do as a home designer is have clarity on who your ideal client is - this person is referred to as a persona.If you don't have this, think of your favorite client. Who is this person, what is their style, their personality, age, hobbies, location, profession? What about their interests, or what they do in their free time?Identifying personas will help you: Uncover and understand their needs, Create service and product offerings they want to buy, Craft a messaging and marketing strategy to attract more of them, and sell more work!
How to Handle Common Sales Objections
  • Have you ever dealt with any of the following sales objections? "...I can't afford your services." "...I don't have enough time right now." "...I need to talk to _____." "...I'm not ready yet." Or just no response at all? These common objections can be frustrating and demotivating. What if you had the tools to overcome these objections easier and faster? In this workshop, Debra will discuss common objections and strategies for handling and overcoming them. You'll leave with a resource of techniques to handle your next objection with success.
How to Differentiate & Communicate Your Offering
  • Not all designers are cut from the same stone. Each has a different style, unique ability, approach to processes, personality, values, and so much more.If you're not communicating the true value of your business and services / products in your messaging and marketing, you can't expect leads to understand either. In our next workshop, Debra will be talking about how to differentiate your offering based on what makes you and your services / products stand out and how to communicate that so you can bring on more ideal clients.
How to Build Trust for Your Business
  • When someone is looking to purchase from a business, one of the most important factors is trust.As a home designer, your customers are not only paying you money, but they're inviting you into a very personal part of their life. Whether it be their home, office, or outdoor space, it's a place where they spend a lot of their time. In our next workshop, Debra will be discussing ways to build trust within your prospects to set your business apart and close more sales with things such as certifications, testimonials, project history, experience, sponsorships, and more.
How to Identify New Target Market Opportunities
  • If you're struggling with getting specific on who you're targeting, join us for our next workshop on how to identify new target market opportunities. Whether you're looking to start targeting your first niche, refine who you're targeting, or even add a new target market entirely, Debra will be leading you through a worksheet that will help you lay out and visualize market opportunities so that you can make sure you're making the best decision.Doing this in a visual format will allow you to see how specific you want to go. Is it homeowners in a particular location who want a specific style? Or maybe it's businesses in a chosen industry that have a certain revenue range? We'll even look at how to identify groups, associations, and referral partners.
Improve your Marketing and Sales Material
  • As a designer, you need to walk the walk and talk the talk from the first interaction to final sale. If your marketing and sales material is anything but lackluster, this workshop is for you.Debra will uncover the materials you should have to be not only more efficient, but give a better, and more lasting impression to your clients. Materials she'll review are websites, online calendars, logos, a slide deck, proposals, lead magnets, and even your email signature. Every part counts.From this workshop, you'll leave with at least 1 actionable item you can do to improve your marketing or sales material, plus a Marketing Materials Checklist.
Creating a Conversion Focused Lead Magnet & CTA
  • If you need a way to convert more leads online, you need a lead magnet. If you're not familiar with the term "lead magnet" you probably know what they are. Anytime you have gone to a website and seen "free download" accompanied by a form, that's a lead magnet.Lead magnets are a great way to grow your email list, nurture leads that aren't quite ready, and even upsell customers. In this workshop, Debra will talk about types of lead magnets you should use for different stages of the buying cycle, how to brainstorm lead magnet ideas, types of calls-to-action (CTAs) you should use, and you'll walk away with a content framework to create a lead magnet yourself.
Choosing Between Organic & Paid Social Media
  • Do social media ads make sense for your business?In our next workshop, Debra will be discussing how to choose between organic posts and social media ads and how to make them successful. In order to see if either of the investments make sense, she’ll also deep dive with you on a worksheet to help identify which solution is best for your business by laying out how many customers you need per month and your customer lifetime value. Then, to make sure you get the best results possible, she’ll show you what a good vs bad offer looks like.
How to Streamline Your Marketing & Sales Processes
  • Suffering from an inconsistent marketing funnel or unreliable sales process can cost your business time, money, and probably some headaches. By streamlining processes, you can create a predictable system from lead to client that closes gaps and helps you scale. This workshop will help you visualize, streamline, and document your marketing and sales processes.
How to Make Setting and Tracking Business Goals Easy
  • Setting business goals can be difficult and scary, and tracking those goals can be even harder. If you're struggling with goal setting or even holding yourself accountable to those goals, our next workshop "How to Make Setting and Tracking Business Goals Easy" is for you. In this workshop, Debra will be giving you tips on not only setting goals for your business, but how to stay accountable and on track with an easy to use worksheet.
Simplify How You Track Marketing
  • The most important part of marketing is the numbers, numbers don't lie. But, if you aren't reviewing the data - or even the right data - it will be difficult to reach your goals. This session is designed to help you decide which numbers to track, how often to review them, and what to look for. You'll be provided with an easy to use worksheet that simplifies the numbers and keeps you on track.
How to Streamline Your Marketing & Sales Processes
  • Suffering from an inconsistent marketing funnel or unreliable sales process can cost your business time, money, and probably some headaches. By streamlining processes, you can create a predictable system from lead to client that closes gaps and helps you scale.
Showing Off Your Business's Superpower
  • Superpowers...we all have at least one - but have you identified yours? Whether or not you have, it's important to know HOW to show it off.In our next workshop, Debra will be leading you through a worksheet to identify your super power and steps to show it off so that you can bring in more ideal clients and grow your business. Who knows, you may even uncover a superpower you didn't know you had!
Strategies to Boost Your Business Profitability
  • Sometimes, no matter how hard you work, you just can’t get ahead. What if you had an easy way to track finances to guarantee you will have enough money for taxes, bills, payroll, and other expenses? In this workshop, Debra will talk about how to become more profitable from the services and products you sell, to the best strategies for bank allocations to help you keep better track of your money for peace of mind.
How to Audit Your Online Presence
  • In this workshop we'll go over the steps you should take to make sure your business shows up consistently online in the places that your audience is looking including Google My Business, Houzz, Facebook, Instagram, and much more. You'll walk away with insights on the importance of optimizing your online profiles and a worksheet to guide you along the way.
7 Steps to Clarity on Your Business
  • An online, free group workshop designed to help you gain the clarity you need to take your business to the next level. Debra will run through a series of 7 prompts with you to create your business's unique purpose statement.
The Content Idea Generator
  • In this workshop, Debra will be leading you through a workbook to get ideas onto paper. Then, we'll take one of those ideas and flush it out into usable content. The point of this process is to give you an easy way to brainstorm content ideas and to take the stress and headache out of content writing.

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